Within touching distance

Business Micros and The Consultancy have launched their new joint venture, ‘Touch’, which is a software engine that will drive the next generation of Business Micros Group products and portals for both fabricators and installers.

“We have been talking to customers about these plans for many months and now we are about to launch something which we believe is truly game-changing,” managing director Graeme Bailey said. “Our teams have been working hard behind the scenes throughout the enforced lockdown period and I can confirm that Touch-based products will be ready to launch almost as soon as these restrictions are lifted.”

Touch Portal will give trade fabricators the opportunity to transform the way that they price and process orders and interact with customers, using a new, continually updated data platform hosted by Business Micros alongside an new portal interface created by The Consultancy.

“Operating seamlessly with Business Micros Evolution production software, we know it’s got the potential to deliver real efficiency savings, as well as a hugely improved trade customer experience,” Graeme said.

Richie Thornton of The Consultancy said: “The key to Touch is its ability to manage real-time product configuration, pricing and business data in an entirely new way. It means that customer ordering and business management portals will become much more advanced, and trade fabricators will be able to expand their installer networks quickly and cost effectively.”