Self-healing properties

Maco was due to present what it called “the next evolution of surface protection” at Fensterbau before it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Silverlook Evo was described as “the new and exclusive surface hardware protection” with self-healing properties, or ‘tribologically sealed’.

The new Evo surface protection has a self-lubricating surface that reduces friction and corrosion ensuring that the fittings remain protected for longer. As with human skin, which heals itself when minor injuries occur, the nano-capsules within the top layer act as a reservoir for both lubricants and corrosion protective substances. If the surface becomes damaged, the substances contained within the nano-capsules are released and fill the damaged area.

Silverlook-Evo is the result of decades of experience within Maco’s expert knowledge and internal electro galvanising surface protection processes, the company said. From this expertise Silverlook Evo was born, paired with the tribological sealing.

“Fittings made of steel or zamak are galvanized, passivated, and sealed with the layer of nano-capsules, the company said. “This offers protection and an elegant appearance in equal measure; abrasion and wear have no chance. The optimally coordinated layer structure increases the service life and corrosion resistance.”

Maco is working on introducing the new Evo surface technologies across all of its manufacturing and surface technology sites, replacing the existing surface coatings

Maco Evo coatings meet the product quality needs, and the latest legal requirements in environmental protection and sustainability, completely without paint and chrome VI.