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Demand is increasing for the Spectus mechanically jointed vertical slider, the company has announced.

Carmen Velilla brand manager for Spectus said: “The market is moving towards higher value products and the Spectus mechanically jointed vertical slider is proving incredibly popular among fabricators and installers wanting to harness the opportunities.”

One of the latest customers to add the Spectus mechanically jointed vertical slider to its range is Garrard Windows.

Lucy Griffith from the company said: “It raises the bar in authenticity, especially when it comes to the foil options because the foils really showcase the mechanical joint. The window really is a match for the timber alternatives in terms of overall aesthetics. Manufacturing the Spectus mechanically jointed vertical slider will open up new opportunities for us and our customers because feature-rich mechanically jointed products are very much on trend.”

Warwick Specialist Window Division has also added the slider to its portfolio.

Managing director Aaron Fountain said: “Until recently, mechanically jointed vertical sliders were considered the window of choice for the heritage market but the move towards higher-end products across the board is making a big difference. These days, we’re just as likely to be asked for a mechanically jointed VS for a new build or retail project as we are for a heritage one.”

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