The engineering behind the technology

Doorco has published a new video that reveals the engineering behind the Gripcore technology, which will sit behind the recently announced new products.

Doorco MD Dan Sullivan said: “Gripcore Technology is a hybrid of modern and traditional materials, and has been engineered to deliver a stronger, heavier and more robust door that will not crack, move or de-laminate.

“The structure consists of a unique matrix of cross laminated engineered timber and hardwood stiles and rails, pressed with Doorco’s signature 4mm GRP skins. All of this results in a door that will not move/bow/twist more than 3mm. These are strong claims, but it is truly the most engineered door I have ever seen.

“As well as offering a 10-year warranty on all Gripcore doors, we felt it was important to demonstrate the engineering behind the door – and what better way than with a video showing exactly how it’s made.”

The new video is one part of Doorco’s new marketing suite that is designed to help customers sell Gripcore technology as the premium upgrade to its foam-filled standard doors.

From April, it will be available in the six most popular doors, which are used to create a wide range of designs: four-panel blank top and 6/4 combi for traditional door styles, Farmhouse for popular cottage doors, and Flush, Monza II and Links for more contemporary options.

“We’re also adding some new door styles created specifically for Gripcore as well as bespoke colours and an expanded glass range, which now includes some bespoke designs from our creative consultant, Jeyda,” Dan said.

“We are very excited about Gripcore’s potential. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Doorco is driven by innovating products and solutions that stand out from the crowd. Gripcore is testament to this and we anticipate it being a real game-changer, not just for Doorco and our customers but the wider composite door market too.”

Doorco doors engineered with Gripcore Technology will be available from April.

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