Tailored content

Garnalex has created a new website to accompany its new Sheerline Classic aluminium window and door system.

The website’s comprehensive video content covers practical guidance on fabrication, installation, and window maintenance as well as specific features such as Sheerline’s patented corner construction method.

The videos demonstrate Sheerline’s innovations and key benefits, so they are also handy sales aids for fabricators and installers.

Garnalex designed Sheerline’s website with fabricators, installers, specifiers, and homeowners in mind, with dedicated content tailored to each audience.

For example, the homeowner section gives consumers an easy to navigate journey to learn more about Sheerline and generate leads for trade customers. Fabricators and installers can log in to the website and access a comprehensive library of brochures, price matrixes and technical guides to help them get started with Sheerline.

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn said: “We’ve created a series of videos covering everything from installation and maintenance to homeowner benefits plus a tour of our state-of-the-art factory. We developed the videos in response to social distancing restrictions, to give trade customers all the tools and guidance they need to get up and running with Sheerline without having to visit our new training centre showroom and factory.”