Remote selling masterclass

Tommy Trinder has responded to government guidelines banning the face-to-face selling of windows and doors during lockdown by offering free workshops on selling remotely.

“Selling without an initial home visit saves time and money for installers,” Tommy Tinder founder and CEO Chris Brunsdon said. “And importantly you can still build great relationships and enjoy stella conversion rates if you do it well.

“Many of our subscribers are having real success selling remotely: sharing screens, designing windows and doors in real time, showing client’s how their new windows and doors will look on their home and taking orders – all from the comfort of their showrooms.”

In an exclusive seminar hosted over Zoom, Tommy Trinder will be distilling the learning from their conversations with dozens of installers that have embraced remote selling to share tips, tricks and best practice.

“Our aim is to de-mystify what it means to sell remotely,” Chris said. “At the end of the day selling is about engaging and exciting customers, and that’s as true remotely as it is face-to-face.

“But the virtual environment throws up some new challenges and we’ve spotted some common themes among installers that are doing it well, like having a clear game plan, being well prepared, and confidence in the technology.”

Each workshop will last about one hour. Attendance is free but places are limited. Visit for details.