Software incentive

The Business Micros Group is offering installers a free trial of its new Touch Vendor lead generation software.

Installers can download the plug-in software direct from the Touch website ( to create their own online door and window configurators, complete with functions for homeowners to submit enquiries direct.

Business Micros Group MD Graeme Bailey said: “We’re effectively giving installers this simple, new lead generation tool which will enable them to capture more warm leads direct from consumers – just at the point when they will need them most. Touch Vendor software will go online in July and installers can download it and enjoy a free trial to help them get back on their feet.

“Over the coming months, the Touch products will build into a complete end-to-end solution from retail enquiry all the way through online ordering, manufacturing and delivery. Installers who download Touch Vendor now can be part of that right from the beginning.”

Touch Vendor will include many of the features of the Infinity Capture software that Business Micros demonstrated at the FIT Show last year. It will allow installers to access the relevant datasets direct from Business Micros for all of the doors and windows they sell and add their own specific designs, colours, hardware and pricing. Homeowners will be able to use the configurators to create their own windows and doors, submit an enquiry and even see interactive visualisations of their creations on images of their own home.

The new interface for Touch Vendor was created by the team at The Consultancy, which is now part of the Business Micros Group.

“As we emerge from the coronavirus crisis, online sales will obviously be more vital to installers than ever,” Graeme said. “Inevitably, I think there will be fewer face-to-face sales opportunities and perhaps even an initial reluctance to visit showrooms, but Touch Vendor can help to fill that gap and give installers a real head-start in generating new leads.”