Smart skylight unveiled

Sunsquare has developed a new smart skylight that incorporates Smartsquare, a switch that brings smart technology to skylights.

The Smartsquare provides complete control of single or multiple skylights from anywhere in the world, through Wi-Fi-connected smartphones and virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

In addition to asking Alexa to open and close the skylight, users will be able to programme the Smartsquare to automatically open and close the skylights based on weather conditions, humidity, inside temperature, and sunrise or sunset, as well as the user’s proximity to the building.

Additional features include energy consumption monitoring, smartphone notifications whenever a skylight is opened or closed, and the ability to share control with other people.

It comes with a free, dedicated smartphone app, and 24/7 technical support.

It is compatible with other smart devices, so it’s easy to control smart lighting, and other smart devices in addition to the skylights.

“Traditionally, the skylight industry hasn’t been very technologically advanced, when it comes to smart systems,” Justin Seldis, managing director at Sunsquare, said. “But at Sunsquare, we’ve always been trend-setters, pushing the boundaries of skylight design, so we wanted to challenge this and bring our industry in line with the rest of the world. When architects specify smart buildings, we want smart skylights to be part of their plans.”