Setting the tone

More than 2,000 SF sound attenuator (SFSA) Xtra 2500EA vents and canopies from Titon have been installed in Fairview New Homes’ newly built houses and apartments in Greater London.

Each of the new developments had precise air flow and acoustic specification requirements.

Titon’s products were incorporated into the windows fabricated by Dungiven-based Compass Windows and Doors.

A combination of different Titon products were used, including SFSA Xtra 2500EA vents, SF418 canopies, SFSA Xtra 2500EA sound attenuator vents, and SFSA 2500EA 75mm sound attenuator canopies.

Liam McCarney, general manager at Compass Windows and Doors, said: “We have used Titon products on many projects previously, so were well aware they could meet the specification required. In fact, not only did the vents and canopies meet and exceed expectations, Titon was also able to offer the powder-coating colour options the customer wanted.”

The SF Xtra sound attenuator vents keep external noise levels down to more acceptable volumes, as well as provide sufficient air flow in accordance with the Building Regulations for ventilation. Suitable for domestic and commercial installations, in certain situations the SF Xtra sound attenuator can be retrofitted over Titon’s standard 13mm slot. A high-performance gasket on the ventilator improves the sealing in adverse conditions, while the vent can also be mounted to deflect air upwards or downwards.

The ventilator is part of Titon’s SF Xtra range – and is already being widely specified throughout the UK by housebuilders and developers. Using the SF Xtra ventilator and canopy as its base products, the SF Xtra sound attenuator, as its name suggests, offers much-improved levels of sound attenuation, especially when compared to similar acoustic products.