Seasonal sealing

With the onset of winter, rapid and effective onsite sealing of window or door frame connecting joints in freezing or wet conditions, is taken care of by external sealing foil technology from ISO-Chemie.

The flexible humidity variable sealing foil ISO-Connect Vario SD, available in full surface self-adhesive Complete and Complete Duo variants, enables onsite installation work to continue even in poor weather or wintry environments.

Developed for the extreme cold of the Scandinavian market, the foil adheres quickly, even to rough surfaces such as hemp blocks, down to – 8°C when wet seal would freeze at 0ºC. This saves time and provides a high-quality joint sealing solution, even if the foil remains exposed to the elements for up to six months due to construction work delays.

The foil also provides an external weather seal, which exceeds UK Building Regulations and airtightness in domestic and commercial buildings when used as an internal seal.

The Complete and Complete Duo variants enable the sealing foil to be located in place and repositioned if necessary after initial application, before the full strength of the adhesive develops and takes effect. Furthermore, the risk of leaks from poor or patchy adhesive application can be avoided as the foil can be plastered over immediately after installation.

The risk of soiling on windows, surrounding construction work and on the building itself due to residual adhesive is also significantly reduced.