Recycled core now standard

Synseal Group has rolled out its 30% recycled core across Shield, Legend and SynerJy PVCU profiles as standard.

EnviroCore was first introduced across Shield multi-chambered profiles as a free upgrade at the beginning of this year. It is now integrated into all three systems.

The recycled PVCU content in EnviroCore is concealed within the profile, creating a solid coloured dark grey core, which retains both the strength and thermal efficiency of Synseal Group’s multi-chambered profiles. It also has the added benefits of reducing unnecessary PVCU waste in the extrusion process, therefore reducing the amount of raw material price increases that gets passed on to customers.

EnviroCore helps differentiate customers’ offers from their competition as the use of a consistent dark grey recycled material gives the profile a premium, precision-engineered feel compared to conventional recycled cores which are more unpredictable in colour, the company said.

“As one of the largest systems houses in the UK we have a responsibility to continue to drive improvement and efficiencies in PVCU manufacturing,” Andy Jones, group sales and marketing director, said. “We have always been a leader in the PVCU market because we have consistently found ways to pass on benefits and savings to our customers while still offering some of the best, thermally efficient products available.

“With the roll-out of EnviroCore across our Shield, Legend and SynerJy systems as standard, we are continuing to improve our environmental credentials while helping to reduce waste and minimise our overall carbon footprint well ahead of others in the industry.”

Andy said the recent rise in raw materials costs, particularly resin, are not set to subside any time soon and are forecast to continue rising as the year goes on.

“This makes it difficult for any of the major systems houses to offer sustainable prices on their PVCU profile, with raw material costs beginning to have a knock-on effect on sale prices for both fabricators and installers who will in turn feel the pinch in their margins,” he said.

“By upgrading our PVCU systems to include EnviroCore, we are doing everything possible to mitigate at least a proportion of these cost increases, to ensure our customers can remain competitive in the market.”

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