Premium glass

Hurst Plastics has introduced its new Premium Glass range; offering 11 new glass designs, Hurst has doubled the number of glazing options available in its collection of composite doors.

The new range of triple glazed designs includes traditional and contemporary styles, which have been designed to maximise natural light.

Mark Atkinson, Hurst Plastics’ sales director, said: “In response to the demands of the market, installers need a greater choice of colours, designs and options to stand out from their competitors. This new range of glass designs – one of the widest available in the industry – means they can now offer an additional 700 different door combinations.

“Homeowners increasingly want to add a stamp of individuality onto their homes and the entrance door is becoming a vibrant expression of a personality. Traditional colours are still popular, but there is a growing trend for bolder, brighter shades and more contemporary door designs that complement the external aesthetics of the house and the interior decoration, whils also reflecting the homeowner’s individual style. Modern consumers prize choice and this extends to the glazing, which is important as it enhances the character of the door and maximises natural light in their homes.”

Mark said the response to the new range has been positive.