New online ordering system

Endurance recently launched its new online ordering system – the ‘HomeView Door Designer – where customers can request a quote and process an order any time of the day and anywhere with an internet connection.

Members of the Endurance Preferred Installer Network will be able to offer a quote and handle an order with the customer at their home. For increased clarity, the price is displayed as the specification of the door comes to fruition.

The HomeView Door Designer consists of six steps: door type, frame shape, door style, colour, glazing, and finishing. Each stage is accompanied with visual aids to ensure the finished product is presented clearly and accurately. This way, the homeowner can see exactly how their finished door will look.

Installers will then be able to give a price via email or print and can easily switch the quote to an order for processing. Endurance also offers multiple sales teams logins for different users, alongside retail and actual pricing structures.

The HomeView Door Designer allows homeowners to take a picture of their home and then superimpose a door onto it. They then have the facility to change and swap the door style in accordance with their tastes.