Off-the-shelf options

Aluplast is maintaining its supply of core off-the-shelf stock foil finishes, offering a 20-day lead time on bespoke options, and setting a single pricing structure on orders for contrasting finishes on internal and external surfaces.

The announcement comes amid continuing high demand in the retail sector at the start of 2021, a situation that has resulted in additional price hikes and further delays on foiled product from some other PVCU system suppliers, the company said.

Aluplast said it still has high levels of foiled stock in the UK, including for its aluminium style smooth anthracite grey, available on both sides and on a grey substrate.

Ian Cocken, director of sales and marketing, said: “The latest lockdown restrictions have served to build on the demand that we experienced in the second half of 2020. This has meant a strong start to the new year for the industry, but it has added even more strain to an already fractured supply chain, particularly with foiled product.

“At Aluplast, we have made significant investments in foiling lines and in CNC foiling technology – we produce over 90,000m of foiled products each day. This means that despite high levels of demand for foiled product, we don’t have to penalise our customers for ordering it.

“In the current climate, that gives them a distinct advantage over their competitors, who may be waiting a lot longer than that, and who could be paying more for certain finishes, for instance if a homeowner wants a different option on the internal surface of their frames to the external.”