New versatile forklift

Combilift has launched the new Aisle Master-OP (AME-OP), a stand-on electric powered model that combines the advantages of a narrow aisle articulated forklift and an order picker for versatile warehouse operation.

The model was influenced by customer feedback, as well as the recent soaring growth of e-commerce, the company said.

“Customers already using the Aisle Master for space saving, storage and efficiency in their warehouse asked if we could redevelop the Aisle Master to meet their ever-growing demand for order picking customised orders,” Combilift’s CEO Martin McVicar said.

The main feature of this unit is the step-through operator compartment: the low floor height of just 280mm (11”) enables convenient, single step access from both sides of the truck which speeds up order picking compared to the operator having to get on and off from a seated position.

The AME-OP truck has all the key advantages of the conventional Aisle Master – indoor/outdoor, for loading/offloading and for stock replenishment at other times during shifts when order picking is complete.

The Aisle Master-OP is available in a number of variants, with lift capacities from 1,500kg to 2,500kg, lift heights up to 12.1m and it can operate in aisles as narrow as 1,650mm.

The chain steering system allows the truck to articulate more than 205º, with an inline drive motor and front drive axle assembly, all of which enable narrower aisle operation. The multifunctional programmable joystick control lever in the operator compartment, which includes controls for the hydraulics and traction, is adjustable to enable comfortable and ergonomic working conditions for operators of all sizes.

The Operator Presence Detection floor pad engages the parking brake automatically when the operator steps off the truck to carry out order picking.

“Before we officially launch any new model, Combilift carries out extensive field testing on customers’ sites, and this was the case with the Aisle Master-OP,” Martin said.

“The versatility to use the one Aisle Master for multiple applications – narrow aisle operation, truck-to-rack handling, bulk picking and item order picking – will result in strong demand for this new product in our home and export markets around the world.”