New approach to window repairs at height

Sashmate, developed by Glazesafe, has been designed to help window installers work from within the property.

One person can quickly set up the system to hold the sash in place leaving both hands free to remove fixings, fetch tools and carry out repair work. Sashmate packs down quickly into a compact carry bag, which can be stored in a van.

While the Sashmate system has been on sale at Window Ware for a number of years, it’s enjoyed a surge of interest since its recent appearance on TV when it won the backing of two millionaire entrepreneurs.

Glazesafe’s Stronghold mobile anchor and barrier system also garnered support. It ensures two workers can operate safely and securely on harnesses around window openings, lift shafts and many other kinds of apertures – from inside the building.

Stronghold also creates a visible barrier to cordon off the work area and keep other contractors and the public out of harm’s way.

Stronghold weighs just over 30kg, can be set up in under five minutes, and is free-standing.

Stronghold can support 1.9 tonnes, which helps it meet the requirements of the British Standard BS EN 795 B:2012 and TS 16415:2013.