Meeting the demand for heavier products

Supertrucks has launched the Multi-Purpose Rack in response to the rapid growth in popularity of bigger, heavier products, such as bifold doors and windows, and orangeries.

The St Helen’s-based company fitted the first example of its new rack to a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van supplied by East Midlands Dealer Mertrux Truck and Van, with which its parent company, the Bevan Group, enjoys a close relationship. Mertrux is now offering this vehicle for trial by prospective customers.

Fabricated from lightweight aluminium, Supertrucks’ Multi-Purpose Rack is secured to the exterior of the vehicle without the need to drill the sidewall.

Instead, the new frails are fixed at the top to a roof rack, and at the bottom, depending on the base vehicle, either by making use of pre-existing holes or by drilling one or two new ones on the underside, where they cannot be seen.

Key features of the Multi-Purpose Rack include: a choice of folding ledges capable of carrying products with a depth of 150mm or 225mm; protective strips in grey rubber, to prevent marking of aluminium or plastic fixtures; new front and rear pillars, the leading edges of which feature a re-profiled radius designed to reduce wind resistance; and an easily used strap securing system and second-stage trim carrier.

Bevan Group engineering and production director Ian Roberts said: “The window industry has witnessed massive change over the last couple of years. There is a lot more architectural work, with bifolds and orangeries becoming more affordable and popular.

“The upshot is that products are getting bigger, heavier and more difficult to transport. Our Multi-Purpose Rack addresses this issue head on by enabling customers safely and securely to transport larger products than was previously possible on a standard van.”