Mission statement

Edgetech has published a new mission statement.

The company hired branding specialists Orb to conduct an analysis of its relationship with its customers, and perceptions of the company in the market more generally.

Dozens of interviews with customers and staff have built a picture of what Edgetech stands for, and have informed Edgetech’s forthcoming strategy.

“As businesses, we often think we know our customers – but often, we don’t know them quite as well as we think,” head of marketing Charlotte Mercer said.

“For example, we assumed that the key reasons customers continued to work with Edgetech would be very product-centric – and respondents were certainly very complimentary about Super Spacer and our other offerings.

“But actually, they were more focused on the standard of service they receive from us – the consistent product quality, the reliability, the technical support and so on. A comment that comes up more than once was the idea that we were ‘a safe pair of hands’.

“I know a lot of businesses are sceptical of this kind of exercise – but for us, it’s been hugely beneficial.

“It’s provided us with a fantastic opportunity to stop, reflect, and decide how we want to position ourselves in the months and years ahead – and even given us a clearer focus on who we are, what we do, and what makes us special.”