Marketing fired up

AGC has introduced a new brand image and marketing package for its Pyrobel range of fire-resistant glass.

The Pyrobel logo has been refreshed with clean, dynamic lines that embody the modern aesthetic that glass brings to architecture. The emphasis was on introducing an eye-catching image that is meaningful to both AGC customers and specifiers, as well as one that the fire glass industry in general will immediately associate with the vital fire resistant properties of the Pyrobel brand.

The Pyrobel sales and technical literature has been updated, and a new at-a-glance product selector produced. This comes as new building regulations and a sharp rise in international fire safety standards mean more stringent demands on fire-resistant safety glass and its correct specification.

Key products in the Pyrobel fire-resistant glass range include Pyrobel, Pyrobelite and Pyrobel Vision Line, all of which comply with applicable fire safety requirements, standards and guidelines, including European classifications E, EW (Pyrobelite and Pyrobel) and EI (Pyrobel).

Pyrobel and Pyrobelite comprise two or more sheets of clear Planibel Clearlite glass and one or more transparent fire-resistant interlayers. When the glass reaches a temperature of around 100°C, the intumescent interlayers activate, transforming into an opaque fireproof glass unit that keeps out flames and reduces heat transmission.

Extensively tested in wood, steel and aluminium frames, Pyrobel complies with the EI classes, from EI30 to EI120. Pyrobelite complies to EW classes due to its low radiation rating.

Instead of mullions between the glass panels, Pyrobel Vision Line has a narrow seal (4mm-5mm), including when used in corner applications.