Latest rooflight developments

Howells Patent Glazing has introduced two new developments for its low-pitch aluminium rooflight, Ultraline, including a vented option and a minimalist steel rafter alternative for smaller roofs.

An option for roofs typically measuring up to 1,500mm, a steel bar divider is used rather than Ultraline’s standard glass rafter.The insulated steel rafter is part of the frame and matches the width of the standard glass rafter (40mm) but unlike the glass option, it need only be 40mm deep to meet load requirements across any span.

The steel rafter offers architects and designers an enhanced minimal look, the company said. On most occasions, the Ultraline rooflight with insulated steel rafter can be delivered assembled as a completed frame, which reduces labour and costs.

Ultraline can now be supplied with an opening vent: synchronised motors lift the glass, with multiple motors required for large expanses. All of the motors are hidden from view, and multiple vents are dependent on the capacity of the motors.

The vent is controlled using an open/close switch, as standard.Customers can upgrade to remote controls or a digital control panel with built-in external rain sensor and internal thermostat.

Ultraline has been independently tested for weather tightness (BS 6375 Part 1) and resistance to snow and permanent load (EN 14351).It is certified to PAS 24 and Approved Document Q (Security – Dwellings), and the glass rafter roof light meets the requirements of Secured by Design.