Freefoam ‘ticks all the boxes’

Freefoam has launched a new video to showcase its partnership with Scottish based PVC supplier, A1 Ironmongery and Plastics.

Featuring an interview with directors Ivie Kerr and David Maxwell, the film highlights the commercial trade counter, stocking warehouse and explains how diversifying an existing ironmongery business into PVC building products has bought success for both companies.

A1 Ironmongery and Plastics covers the whole of Ayrshire and the west of Scotland with branches in Kilmarnock and Ayr both stocking the full range of Freefoam PVC products.

Ivie explained: “It was our ironmongery customer base who encouraged us to start stocking PVC. They were finding the demand and wanted us to stock it alongside our traditional ironmongery products.”

When looking to diversify the business into PVC, A1 Ironmongery and Plastics is said to have had a range of criteria it was looking for in a supplier.

David commented: “We wanted a product that was good quality, but also came with good customer service and back up, and found that Freefoam’s range and support package ticked all the boxes.

“When you’re confident about a product, that you know you’re not going to have any issues with, and you can go out there and sell it in a competitive market at a good price, we believe that’s one of things that Freefoam gives us.”