Flood test passed

Bowater by Birtley has achieved the PAS1188 flood test standard on its flood composite door.

“Bowater by Birtley is one of just two companies to hold PAS1188 on composite doors,” Kevin Kiernan of Bowater by Birtley said. “We invested the time and money to get it right because we recognise the importance of being able to offer this product.

“Flooding is an increasingly relevant issue for homeowners in the UK and potentially devastating for those affected, not only in terms of damage to life and property, but also for insurance and resale ability. A recent study by the conservation charity WWF, reports that up to 2.5 million homes will be at risk of flooding by 2050 if we don’t start future-proofing now.

“With the risk of being affected by floods growing, there is political consensus that investment in defences and sensible planning is essential. But how do homeowners know when they are buying a genuinely suitable flood defence door? They can only be sure if the door comes with certification, and in this case the relevant certification is PAS1188.”

All products tested to PAS1188 are subject to an initial type test and the facility that manufactures the product is assessed for quality at the start of the process and then on an ongoing basis, typically once or twice a year.