Added value

Consort recently signed a new partnership with Distinction Doors and now manufactures the Nxt-gen composite door.

Consort launched the Nxt-gen door to customers in October, and the decision to switch suppliers was met with universal approval, the company said.

“The decision to switch to Distinction and Nxt-gen was made for numerous reasons,” Jeff Dunn, sales and marketing director of Consort, said. “Nxt-gen offers clinical sightlines that deliver superb symmetry with the glazing apertures and line up perfectly with the depression mouldings. The glazing system is unique and sits flush within the frame and has an internal glass retention bead to create a sleek and impressive finish. Glazing is similarly as impressive as the Nxt-gen door is quicker to glaze and uses a notable 50% less glazing consumables. Furthermore, the intelligent door design is also easier to deglaze as minimal sealant is required, which is an advantage for remedials.”

Consort also worked with Distinction Doors’ Design Boutique to produce its 44-page ‘Magnum’ Composite Door retail brochure, and the company has introduced a new glass range.