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Essex based trade fabricator U70 is manufacturing Residence 7 (R7) to enable customers to sell into larger properties and more prestigious developments.

R7 is the 75mm flush system from Residence Collection. It’s flush on the outside so it looks like traditional timber windows, but it’s also flush on the inside, giving it a sleek modern feel perfect for most types of home.

U70 sales and marketing manager Allan Wilding said: “R7 is a great addition to our customers’ ranges, and it’s proving very successful in attracting new customers. High profile installers are very interested, so we make it easy for them to add R7 to their upmarket showrooms.”

U70 already fabricates Residence 9 (R9), and has a loyal customer base. It’s added R7 to open up a larger market for flush sash windows.

“R7 opens up new avenues for us because it’s a very different product. It looks the same as R9 from the outside, but it doesn’t carry the same premium as R9,” Allan said. “R7 is very competitive and, like R9, transforms properties in a way that other PVC windows can’t.”



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