Emergency exit doors

PAS 24 accredited double doors, up to 2.6m wide and 3m high are now available from Jack Aluminium.

Jeff Pearson, sales and marketing director at Jack Aluminium, said: “We are always looking for ways to make the TD68 thermal door an even better option for public sector and commercial buildings. Now, PAS 24 accredited emergency exit doors can be specified without any compromise on safety and security.

“Before now, double door emergency exits had to have the master door leaf secured with a lock or deadbolt, so a member of staff had to lock doors at night and unlock them in the morning. This can be time-consuming in a large school or hospital and there’s the potential for missing a door and leaving the property vulnerable to opportunist thieves.”

The hardware removes the need for a managed security solution with the doors remaining secure 24/7 without the addition of bolts. In emergency situations, occupants can hit the slave or master door leaf and escape quickly, the company said.

The PAS 24 test was carried out on a TD68 thermal door set 3m high and 2.6m wide, in partnership with GU Automatic Doors in Stratford.

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