Triple track door

South Wales-based PVCU window and door company GRM, is now giving customers the triple track option on its Rehau Agila sliding door – offering the large openings of a multi-fold installation with the reduced sightlines of sliding doors.

As a Rehau authorised partner, family-owned business GRM fabricates a full range of Agila doors, including sliding, multi-fold and Passivhaus.

Since the company added the Agila sliding doors to its portfolio last year, sales have been positive but with the addition of the triple track, GRM managing director Richard Gambling is expecting an even greater response from the market.

“With the triple track we can offer large span sliding doors with the big openings normally achievable with a multi-fold door, but without as many sightlines (multi-fold door panels are normally 1m wide),” he said. “So it’s really the best of both worlds. There’s a lot of excitement about it, and we have orders on the books already, despite only starting to manufacture the triple track since January 2018.”

The Agila sliding door meets consumer demand for large span patio and entrance doors which create a feeling of openness in any home.

The new triple track option for the sliding doors means that customers can choose from two, three, four or six pane options, opening from left, right or even the centre.

And because the openings are in-line, there’s no need to arrange a room to allow space for the doors to open, the company said.

The doors are equipped with bespoke security hardware from ERA to meet the requirements of PAS24, including a 12-point locking system and additional corner hooks for added security.