Colour in a grey world

The Stratus Thermal Lantern Roof is be available in any RAL colour, with the option to order lanterns with the same colour on both faces or mix and match different colours.

Stratus marketing manager Chloe McGrath said: “The lantern sector is largely dominated by grey, black and white, but we are increasingly seeing demand for other colours, as well as ever-popular grey in shades other than anthracite.

Stratus customers can choose to colour match our lantern to any RAL colour and can even choose different colours for the internal and external faces if they wish. 2020 was a grey year for us all and so we hope this new colour offer will be welcomed by those wanting to add a splash of colour to their homes.”

The Stratus Aluminium Lantern Roof System is thermally efficient and boasts a ridge which is smaller than standard systems for modern aesthetics, the company said. The hard-wearing aluminium exterior gives a premium, architectural look to the lantern, which is available in a range of designs, including four-way.