Carl F Groupco elevates care home security

Carl F Groupco is highlighting the practical advantages of its SmartSecure solutions, especially its suitability for care home and assisted living installations. With a focus on safety and convenience, the electromechanical door locking systems are said to offer the security solutions needed for these specialised environments.

John Mitchell, technical manager at Carl F Groupco, said: “Our SmartSecure range brings huge value to care home providers, retirement villages, assisted living environments and more. The products provide the practical functionality that’s vital in these settings, and it’s clear that the market understands this. We’ve seen sales of our electronic and automatic door lock ranges increase by almost 60% in recent months.”

John says the FUHR multitronic 881 electromechanical door lock perfectly demonstrates the diverse benefits the SmartSecure range brings.

The electromechanical locking system offers versatile integration options. According to Carl G Groupco, it works with virtually any third-party access control or building management system, so is easy to retro-fit and can be supplied to suit most project requirements. John said: “This versatility has been an important component in many of our customers’ recent projects, especially where existing solutions such as push-pad releases and intercoms are already in place and positioned away from the door.”

Enhanced features of the system, particularly valuable in the care home sector, include elements such as spring-loaded contacts. These facilitate seamless wireless power and data transfer between the frame and the door sash that are fully concealed when the door is closed. John commented: “This eliminates the risk of a cable breaking by door movement or tampering, a common concern with traditional setups fitted in these settings.

“To ensure the system ticks every box, there are Emergency Exit (BS EN 179) or Panic Exit (BS EN 1125) options too. The Secured by Design accredited hardware provides impressive security benefits, including locking automatically when the door is closed.”

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