Bifolding benefits

Nick Dardalis of Aluminium Trade Supply, an independent website helping consumers and the trade with information about aluminium fenestration products, explains why he thinks Alumina doors are helping Liniar window installers.

Installers frequently contact us asking for a new bifolding door to sell or to add to their existing range. Alumina is one product they frequently ask about. It is definitely a different bifolding door proposition to other systems available, and in a competitive market, installers tell us they’re looking for a bifolding door that stands out.

Our website contains several articles about Alumina; its primary feature being an aluminium bifolding door to match the existing Liniar suite of PVCU windows.

As good as aluminium powder coated finishes are, Alumina gives the UK market a foiled aluminium bifold that really looks the part. The quality of foils in the PVCU marketplace make foiled windows far better than the not-so-authentic wood grains of many years ago.

The other advantage of a foiled aluminium bifold is the warm touch exterior, something not always possible with even the most insulated of aluminium systems.

We think a fully sculptured bifolding door is an aesthetic advantage for Alumina.

Most associate a bifolding door with a contemporary appeal, but the sculptured details of Alumina work in providing a softer profile, while retaining proper proportions, given the typical size of a bifold in the home.

The sculptured style works very well with a wood foil finish, especially when paired with black or gold hardware.

Alumina is a great product for the installer in areas where traditional windows and doors sell better because of the regional styles of properties.

Alumina bifolds are supplied with PVCU glazing beads.

Although rarely an issue for the professional installer, sometimes glazing beads that are cut to size a fraction too big can mark the paint finish of the adjoining bead when clipped into position.

The great thing about the PVCU bead is its wider range of movement and flexibility over an aluminium bead.

We can see the logic of providing plastic beads with the foiled Alumina bifold, which will please installers familiar with glazing PVCU systems, as well as a faster glazing time.

By far the biggest advantage is that window installers can choose to hold a ‘hospital kit’ of a selection of beads.

In situations where beads may be cut wrong, damaged, or replacements are needed for any other reason, PVCU beads mean no waiting for replacements to arrive.

Finally, the foiled plastic extrusion options extend to trims, add-ons, trickle vent extension pieces and other window frame accessories.

Although brand loyalty is hard to come by with most installers today, most PVCU installers do tend to offer a complete home solution from one system.

With aluminium, most retailers choose windows from one supplier, doors from another, bifolds, sliding doors and roofs from others. Few are loyal to one system.

With Alumina, Liniar becomes another company that offers homeowners a complete suite of windows and doors under one system and guarantee – also providing bolt on products such as conservatories, soffits, fascias, trims and accessories.