Why consumers replace their windows

Improved energy efficiency ranks top of a list of reasons that prompt homeowners to upgrade their windows.

Eurocell’s ‘The Future Home Report’ draws on the findings of a survey of 1,000 25-40-year olds who either own or rent homes, about design and build considerations for future homes.

The top reasons homeowners gave for investing in new windows in their properties were:

Improved energy efficiency (52%)

More natural light in the home (38%)

Noise reduction (35%)

Because they’re old or broken (25%)

Security (24%)

Aesthetics (19%)

Improved durability (9%)

The research also looked into the window design and features that consumers hope to see in their future homes and, therefore, what tradespeople can expect to be installing.

While 52% of consumers surveyed said that they would like to see windows with higher energy efficiency levels, and 29% would like windows that have the ability to shade against sunlight, 26% would like to see increased use of sustainable materials and almost a quarter of consumers identified large floor-to-ceiling windows as their most appealing design trend.

In addition to this, 29% of consumers said that smart windows – for example windows that can block the sun, turn into a mirror, or be used as a smart screen – are also desirable.

Francesca Roberts, architect at Hawkins Brown, said: “It’s about careful placement of the windows and thinking about how light can be flooded into properties in all the right places. It’s not just about light either, you need to think about other factors, such as if the property is near a busy railway or a road and consider how this should impact the placement of windows.

“It’s about finding that sweet spot, through proper testing and analysis. The placement of windows should not be determined by rolling out a standard house type across a site, with the window placement being left to chance. Instead, what’s right for each plot should be considered.”

Chris Coxon, group head of marketing at Eurocell, said: “The UK is currently in the middle of a housing crisis meaning that we need to build 300,000 homes a year for the next decade.

“At Eurocell we wanted to gain insight into what features and designs consumers want from their windows so that these homes can be built to suit the wants and needs of consumers.

“The insights from this report have done exactly that, revealing how important both natural light and technology are to consumers, and this will help both Eurocell and the wider industry inform decisions for windows in the future.”