Soaring security sales

Tradesmithhas confirmed its Secured by Design (SBD) licence for the next three years.

“The best way to reduce burglaries and break-ins is to cut the chances of them happening,” SBD development officer Lyn Poole, who presented MD Mark Hutchinson with Tradesmith’s new certificate, said.

“Tradesmith is in the forefront of this long running campaign in the south east which helps installers protect their customers’ homes with the very best, most secure windows and doors.”

Mark said: “Security is more important than ever to homeowners, particularly in the south east, where property value has never been so high. It’s always been one of the top priorities for people purchasing new windows and doors, as this is where most burglars enter. Our high security options sell well, but with police and politicians openly concerned about crime-rates increasing after a 20-year decline, we’ve seen a big increase. This market will only get bigger.”