Sales tactics condemned

Zenith Staybrite was recently found guilty of using illegal high-pressure sales tactics and falsely claiming offers were time limited. The company was ordered to pay fines and costs of £330,000.

Following the conviction, the GGF issued a statement to BBC Radio Surrey.

“Though Zenith Staybrite are not GGF members, it was very disappointing for the glazing industry in general to hear that this company has been practising such illegal high-pressure sales methods,” it said.

“This conviction underlines the importance of the GGF’s Consumer Code of Practice which was approved last year by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. It is the only approved Code in the glass and glazing industry and all consumer facing GGF members have to adhere to it.”

The GGF Consumer Code of Practice can be downloaded from the GGF’s consumer website,

“In complying with the GGF Consumer Code of Practice, Member companies must not engage in any high pressure selling techniques,” the GGF said. “The code includes clear rules that members must not state inflated prices for goods and services above those of the company’s price list, or offer discounts or ‘special one day offer prices’, which are not true. Only genuine discounts agreed by the company must be applied.”