Productive exhibition

Fenzi recently exhibited at Vitrum 2021, in its first post-pandemic outing.

The event proved how capably the global glass industry could come together with a dynamic response to the challenges posed by the coronavirus, Fenzi said.

The group exhibited it latest products releases from all business units, especially those designed to boost thermal performance of windows, to ensure living comfort, and to expand the possibilities of glass decoration: from primary and secondary sealants with advanced eco-compatibility features, to a range of warm edge profiles; and from decorative paints for all fields of application, to cutting-edge technology in digital printing on glass.

“Despite the difficult and constantly evolving situation, at the pavilions of Fiera Milano Rho, the entire glass industry showcased its vitality, attracting Italian and international buyers, while demonstrating its willingness to actively participate in global growth with an immense spirit of innovation and responsibility,” Matteo Padovan, managing director of Fenzi, said.

“As always, the very core of our business is invested in quality, specialisation in the glass industry, and optimisation of product performance with particular attention to eco-compatibility, resulting in across-the-board appreciation of our innovations on display.

“Given our focus on the needs of the glass industry, we are able to offer highly technological products that coincide perfectly with market demand for quality. A commitment acknowledged by the visitors to the group’s stand, to our great satisfaction.

“Indeed, Vitrum was a major event for us, drawing visitors from across Europe whose specialisations led to numerous business discussions with highly qualified industry insiders.

“Although many overseas professionals were unable to attend, due to pandemic-related restrictions, the 22nd edition of Vitrum had a very productive outcome for all of the group’s companies.”