Partnership approach

A partnership approach can help you to achieve greater success in 2017, according to Heidi Sachs, managing director of Veka trade fabricator Modplan.

“We’re all guilty of thinking we can do things on our own,” Heidi said. “But the fact is, when you take a partnership approach you can benefit from a wealth of opportunities that might otherwise not be available to you.”

Modplan installer schemes, for example, are designed to offer a different range of benefits at different business levels – customers choose the scheme that’s right for their business: Network Veka, which offers a comprehensive support package including lead generation, favourable rates with affiliate suppliers, higher than average order values, legal arbitration and the Network Veka Academy, which offers on-the-job apprenticeships and traineeship qualifications; Assure, the Veka UK Group’s Competent Persons Scheme (CPS); and the Veka Approved Installer Scheme, which offers lead generation plus professional, personalised marketing support.

“Our installer scheme offerings are just part of the story,” Heidi said. “We are a truly customer-focused business and our mission is to help businesses to grow by providing proactive marketing support, technical advice and customer service.”