Maximising outdoor views

If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful views surrounding your home – whether you live in the rural countryside, a city, or suburban area – are you taking full advantage of them? Vufold considers a time where we spend more time at home.

Creating a lush outside seating area can help you appreciate the scenery during summer but because the British weather is more commonly dull and drizzly, outdoor backdrops are often wasted. However, it’s possible to stay connected to nature from inside a property throughout the year using various interior design features.

Interior designer Amy Newton said: “By installing large glass doors, you are creating an almost seamless connection between the outside world and your home, which has so many benefits to the flow of your home and your general wellbeing.”

Internal bifold doors can expand views even further by making them visible from different sections of the home, which otherwise wouldn’t benefit from the scenery.

James Butterworth, managing director of Studio J Architects, said: “Large glazed doors are a great way to maximise a view to the outside. With a wide opening, the views are less interrupted by walls, giving an increased panoramic view and bringing the outside in.”

Having access to the outdoors can prompt feelings of positivity and calmness while minimising stress.

“Biophilic design (design features that reconnect people with nature) is a big talking point in interior design and being able to enjoy beautiful outdoor views from the comfort of your own home will really add value to your home and improve your health,” Amy said.

Having visibility of the outdoors from your living room, where most people spend the majority of their time when indoors, allows homeowners to reap these rewards for longer than if you were to only have this experience at selected times of the day such as when cooking in the kitchen.

Jan Carter, interior designer at Kharis and Kale Interiors, said: “Lots of natural light makes us feel very positive and in the psychology of colour, green is very calming. So, bringing nature into our technology-driven world can help make us feel more balanced.”

Amy said: “Natural light has so many benefits as it’s linked to increased energy, enhanced mood and a better night’s sleep if you are exposed to it during the day. It’s also widely believed that natural light helps us focus, hence improving productivity and making us happier overall.”

Rick Collins, director at Vufold, said: “Internal bifolds can replicate open-plan living when open by joining two rooms together. Fitting both external and internal glass doors exaggerates this benefit, as when open, both rooms and the outdoor area can seem like one large space.”

Jan said: “Internal glass bifold doors can make your space more flexible. They can divide a kitchen and living space or open the whole space up when entertaining while retaining the garden views and light.”

Large glass doors and windows are the best way to exhibit garden views and make them the focal point of a room but interior décor can enhance this further.

“Mirrors are a great way of doubling your view,” Amy said. “For example, placing it opposite a window or door to a garden will result in increased natural light and add some greenery to your home.

“If you want to draw the eye out towards the view you may wish to consider light and neutral colours that won’t detract from your view or stronger colours which will complement, rather than compromise your view,” Amy said.

Rick said: “Black door frames can help the view stand out, while white frames can blend in with the scenic image and help brighten up the room. Slim sightlines show more of the view to make a statement.”

James said: “You would need to consider how the doors would impact the room when open or closed such as the position of furniture and circulation routes through the space.

“Consider the room uses and possible sound transfer. It wouldn’t be advisable to have internal doors between a noisy space such as a kitchen and an office where you might want it to be quiet.”

Rick said: “Having the bifolds installed with a top-hung track can help form a continuous flow between the outdoors and indoors as it operates smoothly and has a lower threshold.”

South-facing rooms are often preferred for installing large glass doors as they tend to be the brightest room in a house.

A beautiful garden can impress guests and encourage you to love your home more. Large glass doors prevent the weather from dictating when you can make the most of your outdoor views.