Manufacturing boost

Manufacturing companies are set to get a boost with the launch of the government’s Manufacturing Growth Programme.

The development grant aims to identify opportunities, drive growth and profitability, and help manufacturers through the Brexit process with a programme of supported solutions.

Manufacturing consultant Stuart Allan is one of only three East-Anglian based specialists appointed to deliver the programme.

“There is no doubt that Brexit will bring challenges, but I believe it will create many more opportunities for those businesses that are ready to exploit them,” Stuart said.

“Identifying risk and potential, as well as developing and delivering the right strategies has never been more critical for UK manufacturers.”

With 2.7 million people currently employed in the UK’s manufacturing industry, the end of 2016 was a surprisingly prosperous period after the slump of the pound saw growth in UK manufacturing reach a 30-month high.

Through the Manufacturing Growth Programme, SMEs with a commitment to growth can access professional support in a variety of areas, from business strategy and operations, to innovation and marketing.

“After the shock of Brexit, 2016 was a surprisingly positive year for business,” Stuart said. “We still have uncertainty, but I believe, an incredible amount of opportunity in UK manufacturing and I’m excited to be working with the region’s businesses to help them grow and develop.”


Manufacturing consultant Stuart Allan.