There’s white gold in them hills

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell has that retro feeling.

Have you seen the trailer for the new BBC comedy, coming soon? It’s called White Gold and it’s about the double glazing industry in 1983, and you can see the trailer here .

Damon Beasley (of The Inbetweeners fame) is the writer, who said he wanted to “to recreate the Essex of my youth – a time before the invention of ‘Essex girls’ jokes, fake tan or Towie. A time when having double-glazed patio doors installed meant you were winning at life.”

It’s also worth remembering that Damon worked for the trade press for a while – before my time – so he has some proper inside knowledge of the industry and (more importantly) the people.

So while most people will be watching the show to see how cars and fashion have changed, we’ll all be scrutinising the profile and the hardware to make sure they are historically accurate, while trying to put real names to the fictional faces.

We should have a spot on this newsletter where we count the number inaccuracies we can find.

What’s more important now is that we can watch the programme with our head held high. For a start, we were only kids when that was set (weren’t we?) so we can’t be held responsible for their dodgy sales practices.

We can also proudly claim that companies in our sector are winning Queen’s Awards and that companies focus more on the quality of the installed product than they do inflated profit margins.

I’m off to set a reminder on the YouView.