Digital printing

A new feature from Tecglass that makes digital printing on glass easier, optimising production times and costs, without any waste, and with very high resolution and top quality results.

Decorating extra-large glass sheets is not always simple. Handling difficulties can cause problems throughout all production steps and have repercussions on the final results. Even during the printing process, the size of the glass sheets makes the processing work complicated: problems with moving them; the unavoidable tolerances that are developed when cutting, polishing, or other steps in the production cycle; and inaccurate positioning on the printing table can may the quality of the work.

To make printing on large sheets easier, Tecglass has developed Vitro Adapta, a tool that is available for all the Vitro-Jet F Type machines.

A high precision sensor located in the printing carriage checks the position of the four angles of the glass sheet, and analyses its size and position. After processing the information, the printing software adapts the design that is to be printed, automatically and exactly, to the size of the sheet and its position on the printing table.

Vitro Adapta therefore avoids any holdups in production that can take place when the size of the drawing and the glass sheet do not match perfectly, or because the sheets are not positioned properly on the worktable.