Managing supply chain pressures

Vista Panels has secured an additional 8,000ft2 unit to assist with future proofing the businesses supply chain process, the company has reported.

The aim is to mitigate raw material sourcing issues, which were observed during the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

The composite door manufacturer is leasing the unit on the same site as its factory on the Wirral.

Composite door sales grew exponentially in the second half of 2020 and it quickly impacted the supply chain, the company said. But with the backing of Eurocell Group, Vista said it is in a strong position to be able to cope with market difficulties.

“Being able to quickly lease a unit, shortly after returning from the first lockdown, close to our current facility at short notice, provided us with an opportunity to increase stock holding and support our customers’ requirements,” Ian Smith, Vista’s business development manager, said.

“We already hold a large stock of door slabs, hardware and profile but with the problems our ports experienced, we knew we had to do something quickly.

“The unexpected surge in sales after lockdown took us all by surprise but we have now taken steps to mitigate anything 2021 might throw at us.

“We have also been working closely with our suppliers, who we know are doing everything they can to make sure we can keep our production line at its increased capacity.

“We don’t usually have to consider what happens at UK ports when we factor in our deliveries so last year was a real learning curve, so expanding our capacity for storage is, we feel, a prudent move.”

Vista’s XtremeDoor saw a 30% up take on sales in the last two quarters, and the company said it is now working hard to sustain workable lead times.

“While I think we might be a little way off getting doors out in five working days again, we have everything in place to provide our customers with the best lead times we can,” Ian said.

“And with the whole market experiencing the same problems, only those in strong financial positions will be able to adapt quick enough to still be here to celebrate another 25 years of trading.”

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