New horizons, new markets?

Glass Times editor Nathan Bushell wonders if we will see new buying patterns as showrooms start to reopen.

With showrooms set to reopen soon, could we be heading for another boom in demand, as those households that have waited patiently for the lockdown restrictions to be eased venture out into the wide world?

Given the amount of demand that has been generated by homeowners during the lockdown, it’s not unreasonable to think so. Although, to be perfectly honest, a haircut and a pint in a pub garden feature slightly higher on my list of priorities than home improvement. But maybe that’s just me?

However, every forecast, data analysis and moistened finger stuck in the air suggests that we are in for a busy year to 18 months. Supply issues notwithstanding, it’ll be interesting to see what expectations these customers will bring to the market.

I expect that we will see younger homeowners with more money to spare. There have been reports that younger employees fared the worst during the pandemic, but there will be those who would have been protected by the furlough scheme, and whose incomes would have arguably gone on entertainment and leisure – those outlets for spending that were taken away.

Therefore, reports from Deceuninck that suggest colour choices often come down to age, will interest those companies looking to target different generations; important if you are planning a specific marketing campaign maybe?

This younger generation may also be more concerned with the environmental impact of the products they buy, and so news that Veka plans to extend the recycled content to beyond the Infinity range may appeal to an increasing number of homeowners looking to improve their properties.

Whatever happens over the coming months, I don’t think it will be ‘more of the same’. I look forward to hearing your stories.