High margin opportunities

Promac Group will showcase new low-cost high margin, innovations in PVCU welding technologies, plus advances in cost-effective and efficient manufacture of aluminium systems, at this year’s FIT Show.

Its stand will feature a new seamless cill welder and seamless transom and mullion ‘H- welder’ from Graf Synergy, plus the LMT 65 machining and cutting center from FOM.

Having announced a new strategic partnership in December, the Promac Stand will also include another new offering from the FOM/Graf stable: the ProfteQ PVCU cutting module and welder.

Showcased for first time in the UK, the ProfteQ solution allows fabricators to manufacture PVCU welded timber-look windows using just two platforms. This includes a cutting module that can preprocess almost every shape of profile and multi-head welding that produces the specially sculptured profile into the timber-look window.

As entry level machines Promac agrues they offer every PVCU window manufacturer the ability to produce affordable welded timber look windows for low capital investment with high yield return.  

Joe Hague, managing director of Promac Group, said: “The FOM/Graf partnership announced at the end of last year, will deliver our customers relevant machinery innovation that is designed to provide a difference and we are already seeing that filter through.

“As a partner within the FOM/Graf alliance ProfteQ has provided a unique system that produces a stunning timber look window while protecting corner weld strength and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

“The price point of this machine, plus the current low cost of finance, means that it’s for absolutely everybody and opens up incredible opportunities and higher margin returns for a very, modest investment.”