Energy crisis to fuel growth for sealant tapes

Andrew Swift
Andrew Swift

The energy crisis will ‘significantly fuel’ growth for window and door foam sealant tapes in 2023, according to Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for Iso-Chemie.

He sees the UK market remaining robust over the next 12 months with the need for more effective insulation and sealing solutions of windows and doors becoming a rapid priority in the design, specification, new build housing and wider commercial construction sectors.

Refurbishment of existing housing stock is also expected to support growth in 2023, said Andy, adding that retrofitting sealing solutions can be a more effective way to achieve greater energy efficient homes rather than building new properties.

National housing associations such as Broadacres Housing Association and Gateshead Housing have reportedly upgraded their current stock with new door and window installations sealed by foam tapes.

“With 25% of the heat leaking from around windows it will be paramount for all in the construction and building sectors to effectively seal around the window to wall gap,” Andy said. “Millions of people will struggle to heat their homes and stay warm, but through the use of modern foam sealants to create a thermal and airtight seal around the window, the amount of heat loss around frames is significantly reduced, helping to save energy costs.”

He added: “Retrofitting properties with products like Winframer, Vario SD and Bloco One becomes a direct focus for property developers and housing associations and is a cost-effective way to insulate existing properties very quickly. As they say the greenest home is one already built. It just needs proper retrofit insulation.”