Blue skies ahead

West Port has signed up to Bluesky’s fire door certification scheme.

Bluesky offers a comprehensive certification service that verifies that West Port windows and doors are manufactured in accordance with the desired specification.

By focusing on the manufacturing process, rather than on the paperwork, Bluesky said it requires its customers to achieve a high level of consistency in the quality of the manufactured product.

West Port’s operations director Andy Tyas said: “At West Port, fire safety has always been one of our highest priorities. But now we’ve decided to take that commitment even further. When it comes to saving people’s lives, compromise isn’t an option. We need to know that every door we ship is going to meet our exacting quality standards, not just for the first six months of production, or the first year, but for the entire time that the product is produced.

“That’s meant that Bluesky’s approach is the perfect fit for our business. Having a credible certification body checking the performance of our windows and doors and our manufacturing process helps us to ensure that every product we manufacture is of the highest quality possible – and they’ve actually saved us money too.”