We supply because it is in stock

By Deceuninck’s Rob McGlennon.

The window market has bounced back from lockdown and demand has been so strong it appears to have overwhelmed most systems companies.

We’ve read about lead times being pushed out, fabricators being let down by short deliveries, incomplete deliveries, out of stocks, and – now the latest – no deliveries.

Pity the poor fabricator. Excuses abound. “Everything’s off, dear”, and there’s nothing on the menu in some systems houses. Some are even explaining in the trade press or social media that matters are out of their hands, that it’s everyone’s fault but theirs. I feel for their fabricators, I really do, but can that be true?

Like other systems companies, Deceuninck has faced big challenges since lockdown, and yes, steel and hardware are in short supply. But if you pay your bills on time you can still buy PVC resin and make profile. Fact.

Deceuninck’s sales are over 120% up on 2019. Foiled product demand is going through the roof. Colour is 62% of our sales and climbing, meaning 62% of all the profile Deceuninck delivers is colour, because Deceuninck fabricators are selling that amount of colour.

Other systems companies have tried to follow Deceuninck’s lead and offer 30 colours, or even 33, but have had to amend or retract their offers because they can’t supply it from stock as we do. Ask their fabricators.

Yet Deceuninck has continued to supply customers with a full product range and 30 colourways from stock – from our £5+ million of stock in our large warehouse. What does that mean? It means that customers order day one and get what they ordered day three with a near 100% otif record. We can supply their orders, without breaking into a sweat, because it has already been made and it’s sitting in stock. No whinging, no excuses.

How does Deceuninck do it? Do we buy faster, flashier machines? Well, we are very well equipped with world class foiling plant, it’s true, and we have a world class foiling team. But it’s also down to our manufacturing, customer service, and sales teams for adapting to these changes and working harmoniously together to ensure customers receive the same great service as they did pre-Covid.

Deceuninck is extraordinarily busy, and getting busier, but that’s because our fabricators are extremely busy making what installers need to sell to homeowners and commercial customers. The demand is there, and the Deceuninck team always goes the extra mile so no customer has been let down.

Sales are up (+ 30% in July over July 2019) and our top 20 customers have all seen strong growth. And there’s no sign of it easing. The home improvement market continues to perform well, and we’re optimistic about the future.

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