Trends are turning against the norm

Traditionally white PVCU windows have been the most popular window style with many homeowners. However, with the advent of modern technology and dynamic industry changes, there is now a growing trend for coloured PVCU windows – powered partly by industrial-inspired architecture. Ian Griffiths, managing director of Rehau fabricator Shepley Windows looks at these changing trends.

For homeowners, white doesn’t excite. That’s why Shepley Windows – one of Rehau’s largest fabricators in the UK – now offers 18 different stock colour options in the Visage Colour Collection of PVCU windows and doors.

Shepley supplies to several local and regional installation companies across the country and is one of the first fabricators to offer installers a wide selection of coloured windows and doors, available from stock. This has drastically reduced waiting times from weeks to just days. This exciting range offers installers a great opportunity to add variety to their own ranges without increasing lead times for customers.

The trend for colours in PVCU windows and doors has grown significantly over the last decade and by working with Rehau, Shepley has been able stay ahead of the market. The Visage Colour Collection of PVCU windows and doors has caused quite a stir in the industry. The latest addition to the exciting palette of colours is Agate Grey – and homeowners love it, especially if their property oozes character and is built from stone.

By investing in a large range of coloured window and door profile stock, Shepley can now satisfy customer demand without disrupting job schedules. It means installation companies can create stylish options from a unique swatch of colours and can easily add to their showroom without the standard lead time.

Homeowners are happy to pay more to get the window colour they want but they don’t want to wait longer for it. Shepley understands that and cutting lead times on more colours gives installers the opportunity to add value and variety to their product range.

The right colour says it all. Greys, greens and cream are firm fixtures in showrooms, but more vibrant shades are becoming increasingly popular too. For those wanting to create a contemporary look, these are simply perfect.

Recently, Shepley worked with architects to create the look and style of glazing they wanted for a new apartment development in Cheshire. The colour for its windows? A stunning matt Midnight Black from the Visage Colour Collection. Being able to offer the architect one of the newest colours on the market, and meet the project timescale, helped our customer to win the contract and that was great news for everyone involved.

Meg Durrell, product assistant from Rehau, said: “In recent years, we have seen a new transformation in preferences to the modern household. Today, exterior trends within the housing market is to add a splash of colour to windows and doors. We are excited to be working with Shepley and know that with our range of colours and the new Visage Colour Collection, we will bring some colour into people’s homes.”

Creating the right style is vital when you’re working with homeowners. People are investing in creating their ideal home and it’s our job to offer installers the variety of colours their customers want.

Working with Rehau means Shepley now has a lot to offer, including new branded swatches for the Visage Colour Collection, a great sales tool for installers.