Together, yet apart


In the ‘new normal’ post-pandemic world, all types of businesses have a very important task ahead of them to ensure that, as they re-open, their employees and their customers are as safe as possible.

For public-facing businesses such as hair salons, beauty parlours, restaurants and bars, as well as businesses that operate within open-plan office and factory environments, putting adequate social distancing measures in place, and quickly, is going to be key over the coming weeks and months.

Many businesses suffered an almost instant hit on takings and income when the coronavirus hit, with shops having to shut and office workers having to work from home. However, these short-term measures are not viable in the longer term for many sectors and, rather than grinding to a halt completely, businesses need to adapt their premises to make them Covid-safe in order to keep operating.

While the guidelines differ slightly between industries, the ultimate goal is to minimise the contact between each person and reduce interaction where possible. In customer-facing scenarios, workplaces are being adapted with the addition of glass partitions, which provide a physical barrier between people and encourage social distancing where it would not normally be possible.

This might be between stations in a hairdressers or between tables in a restaurant, for example. A glass screen provides the required barrier to reduce the risk of infection from sneezing and coughing, without spoiling the aesthetic flow of the premises or creating a visual obstacle. Interaction can still take place in the usual way and minimal space is required for the screen.

Using moveable screens also means that the space can be easily adapted as guidelines change, and installation time is minimal, enabling premises to re-open as quickly as possible when allowed. The challenge is to keep the glass in position and safe wherever a screen is required.

CRL offers a suitable solution in the form of its Floor-Supported Moveable Screens. Suitable for use with glass thickness of 6mm-10mm, and with a maximum height of 1.8m, the clamp supports a maximum tempered or tempered laminated glass width of 2,000mm and features pivoting wheels for easier manoeuvrability. Once in place, the screen can be secured with a safety brake on the wheels, making it safe to use in high traffic areas such as shops and restaurants.

Available in a matt silver, black or white lacquered finish, the Floor-Supported Moveable Screens will fit seamlessly into existing premises without looking out of place, yet remains easy to adapt or remove as the situation changes.

This high level of adaptability also means multiple screens can be positioned together if required, forming a longer barrier, for shops, for example. Lightweight and easy to move, the Floor-Supported Moveable Screen is suitable for a wide range of settings and can be simply moved to any location where a divider screen is needed. This also allows for the layout of the interior to be changed quickly and easily, perhaps to accommodate additional place settings in a restaurant for increased covers as and when guidelines allow.

Freestanding screens are one of the most adaptable and flexible solutions available for office spaces too. Wheel mounted, the screen can be moved around the space according to requirements, whether to create a breakout area for meetings or for use as an easy-clean, write surface for collaborative sessions.

Once in place, the transparency of the glass acts as an effective and sneeze barrier and is an easy-to-wipe clean surface that can be regularly sanitised for a hygienic and germ-free working environment where employees and customers all feel safe.