The power of nostalgia

Andy Ball, managing director at Balls2 Marketing, talks about using nostalgia to connect to your customers.

There’s nothing quite so comforting as a good dose of nostalgia and, during these uncertain times, many brands are incorporating it into their marketing strategies with a view to sparking that warm fuzzy feeling with their customers.

There have been loads of great examples over the last few months, but there are some firm favourites in the Balls2 Marketing office.

Lynx Africa is having a reboot with the 25th anniversary campaign of the infamous scent, demonstrating how pop culture has changed since its 1995 launch.

McDonald’s is reminding everyone who inherited their mum’s old car when they first passed their driving test with their ‘The Gift’ advert, complete with 90s Westlife soundtrack.

Closer to our industry is B&Q, which is moving away from price-driven advertising with its ‘Build a Life’ campaign, featuring real home videos showing how homes and our DIY skills have changed over the years.

Nostalgia is a great marketing tool, giving you a great opportunity to really connect with your audience, but it’s important to think about who your target is. Make sure the message of your campaign will instantly make them think about their own experiences.

If your company has a big anniversary coming up, it’s worth considering including elements of nostalgia in your celebration campaigns, especially if Covid-19 is delaying any parties or customer events that you were planning.

Dig out any old pictures of your factory, first installed jobs, extra points for 90s conservatories with wicker furniture, old branding, business cards or logos, photos of any long-serving team members, and even images from old exhibitions and events to share on social. You can use these images to create timeline videos, which are a great way to connect customers with your brand and your team. They can be pretty entertaining too.

Keep it light and fun, and use it as an excuse to shout about the longevity and experience of your company, and how it helps you to deliver the best service for customers.