Smart, and coming of age

By Richard Gyde, managing director of Mila.

Over the last year or so, there’s been a fairly dramatic shift in how the industry has come to view smart locks. They have quickly gone from niche to mainstream as both fabricators and installers have come to recognise that they now represent a very real profit opportunity.

While homeowners were still broadly reticent about smart technology, there was probably an understandable reluctance among many to get involved in what seemed like quite a hard sell. Now that homeowners have shown that they can’t get enough of everything from smart speakers to smart thermostats though, companies working in the retail sector are increasingly looking at how they can quickly and easily add a smart lock to their range.

The challenge facing all of them however is which of the smart locks to choose. With so many new entrants into the market, most of which are promising something fairly similar, fabricators and installers are faced with a bewildering choice.

That’s why Mila has done much of the ground work for our customers and selected a secure smart lock for our range that we know is easy to fit, easy to sell, offers great profit opportunities, and comes with a comprehensive warranty.

We have just signed an exclusive trade distribution agreement with Mighton Products to supply its brand new Avia secure smart lock in the UK. We will be sharing a stand with Mighton at the FIT show devoted exclusively to Avia and explaining to visitors just what we think makes this product better than the rest.

As we see it, there are three key advantages for Avia that make it the best choice for our customers. Firstly, it is compatible with Apple HomeKit, which means it has been reviewed and approved by Apple to ensure that the military grade software protocols it uses are fully secure, and it means that it comes with the trusted Apple HomeKit logo on all of its literature and packaging.

Secondly, it is fitted on the inside of the door with a Mila SupaSecure PAS24, SBD accredited handle fitted on the outside. This eliminates the risk of tampering, which is still a concern for some retail buyers and also means it comes with the absolute reassurance of a conventional key and cylinder for back up in emergencies. It also of course means that the whole installation process is easy and familiar, and customers have the choice of six Mila finishes.

And thirdly, it can be quickly and simply wirelessly retrofitted in PVC, composite or timber doors from 44mm-70mm with all standard multi-point locking systems. That obviously gives installers a great opportunity to revisit previous projects and generate profitable new business for themselves.

In terms of performance, the Avia secure smart lock has all of the features that homeowners now expect. It is compatible with key fob, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and home hub and provides secure access control from anywhere in the world.

It can be set up in seconds by pairing the Avia lock with the Apple device using a secure Bluetooth connection, and also has an anti-tamper alarm, 256-bit data encryption, and an activity tracker to provide a full audit trail.

Significantly of course, because it is being supplied direct by Mila, it also comes with the guarantee of in-stock availability, next day delivery if required, full sales and technical support and a comprehensive marketing package.

Avia will be on the Mila stand at the FIT Show (stand H30) and more details are available at

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