A flush sash sensation

One year on from the launch of its Regal Hardware range, Richard Bryant, Window Ware’s commercial director, explains how fabricators have responded to the range and the opportunity to have dual-purpose heritage hardware.

This time last year, Window Ware launched an exclusive collection of heritage style window handles called Regal Hardware. Even in the early stages, the new range proved popular with fabricators, providing window furniture that suited both flush sash and standard 70mm systems.

Twelve months on, sales are still riding high on the growing wave of popularity of flush sash, with Window Ware recently celebrating our hundredth Regal Hardware customer.

From its debut in March 2018, Regal Hardware saw continuous sales growth throughout the year and, with three new sizeable accounts already secured in 2019, the trend looks set to continue. Regal Hardware is now firmly embedded into our range of 6,500 unique products and it is a regular contributor to our monthly sales figures.

With successful new arrivals like Regal Hardware bolstering our responsive product offering, it’s no wonder that the business grew by 10% last year.

Regal Hardware provides a full range of window furniture, which replicates the period aesthetics of 19th century ironmongery. While the range may look traditional, Regal Hardware maintains the same key-lockable convenience and precision engineering typical of modern window hardware.

The Regal Hardware range is available in two different designs, monkey tail and pear drop, and a full array of colours, from popular black through to bronze red tint and modern polished chrome finish.

The stand-out style doesn’t come at the expense of substance, as all Regal Hardware products are fully tested and supported by a 10-year mechanical guarantee as standard. Furthermore, the range is independently tested and approved to BS EN standards 6462, 1191 and 1670.

Our customers say that tangible quality and durability sets Regal Hardware apart from the competition. The feedback we’ve been hearing is that no other heritage handles have the same solid, hard-wearing feel about them, which is incredibly positive to hear.

The USP of Regal Hardware is that it won’t just enhance flush sash windows, but it also allows fabricators to ‘dress up’ standard 70mm PVCU systems as well. This creates a low-risk, accessible way for any window manufacturer, regardless of how many frames they make per week, to customise their offering and elevate even their standard products above the norm.

Since its launch last year, Regal Hardware has proven incredibly popular, especially the black monkey tail handle, which turned out to be the top seller for the range last year. Fabricators now have next-day access to heritage-style hardware that suits flush sash casements and 70mm systems too. Dual purpose usage for twice the appeal.

This new range has taken off, not least because it answers the growing demand among homeowners for distinctive traditional-style windows, but also because it delivers the consistent quality and dependable accuracy required by premium fabricators looking to extend the superior workmanship of their products.