Project support service

Large domestic and commercial projects can often seem daunting to installers; they’re unique, complex, and require specialist knowledge. As a result, many installers feel they have no choice but to decline these projects, meaning they’re missing out on business opportunities and potentially larger profit margins. Paul Woods, director of Central ASL, explains how he can help.

As an installer, regular projects like installing bifolding doors come as second nature to you, and installing standard products in residential homes, offices or even schools is your bread and butter.

But what happens when a customer calls with a bespoke project that you’ve never undertaken before? What happens if an office block needs curtain walling? Or if there is a Grand Designs-inspired installation? What if the job requires scissor lifts and spider cranes? What do you do if you need to lift a 400kg pane of glass?

The customer has the funding and, of course, you don’t want to turn down the job. But it’s not straightforward.

Put in this position, many installers would have no choice but to say no, meaning they’re missing out. After all, bespoke jobs like these usually come at a premium.

Central ASL, a leading manufacturer of aluminium products, has a solution.

The business started off in 2017 after our sister company, Central RPL, decided to expand into the aluminium market.

It has been growing year on year, and in March 2020 it launched its Aluminium Project Support Service, which walks installers through the different stages of challenging projects, providing the necessary expertise and giving them the confidence to tackle these projects and ultimately win more business.

The Aluminium Project Support Service comes in five different stages, and installers can choose to use all of them, or just the few that they need.

When undertaking projects, there are several elements that need to be considered, for example: location, exposure and thermal calculations.

By sending the initial enquiry to Central ASL, our in-house experts can help installers interpret what is required. They’ll come up with a series of questions that the installer may not have thought to ask. The installer can then put these questions to their customer and, once all the necessary information is gathered, Central ASL can determine exactly how the project needs to be designed and managed.

When tackling large-scale refurbishment projects, Central ASL’s surveyors can go to the site and help with measuring and calculations, construction, steelwork and elevation drawings, and can even translate measurements into CAD drawings.

Central ASL’s 12,000ft2 manufacturing facility in West Bromwich not only houses a huge range of specialist equipment, but expert staff with years of combined industry experience and a huge range of skills.

With specialist teams focusing on things like curtain walling, smoke control vents, trade and retail, they are able to deliver on any task, from small trade projects to very large commercial endeavours.

When it comes to installing larger domestic or commercial projects, it can get tricky. You often need installers who have specialist knowledge, and if you don’t have that, Central ASL can help provide it.

We have an extensive list of specialist, qualified installers who will join you on-site, giving you the confidence to carry out complex tasks, like lifting and installing oversize glass units.

It’s easy to walk away from something because you think it’s too complicated, but with our Aluminium Project Support Service we’re encouraging installers to use our knowledge and expertise, and to not be afraid of challenging projects.

We’ll make sure you’ve considered all the necessary aspects of a project, help you design it, arrange structural calculations, and if you’re struggling to find the right people to install it, we can help with that as well.

It’s certainly more profitable to be able to deliver challenging projects, and at Central ASL, we can help you offer the full scope, giving added value to any installer.